SAGI Refrigerator-GN2/1-AISI 304-Freezy Plus


One – piece structure in AISI 304 stainless steel. Single compartment, GN2/1. 1 door. Temperature ranges: 0/+10°C. Control panel with digital thermometer- thermostat. Ventilated refrigerating system. Automatic defrosting. Standard version equipped with lighting and key-operated lock.

General information

Supplier/producer ‘s name SAGI

Series  Freezy – Plus

Supplier’s model identifier FD70

Category vertical cabinet

Type refrigerator

Line catering – GN 2/1

Temperature ranges, °C 0/+10

Energy efficiency class F

Energy consumption E24, kW/h 3,43

Energy consumption/year, kW/h 1252

Method for energy consumption EN 16825

Energy efficiency index 88,66

Net usable volume, lt 420

Volume, gross, lt 590

Climate class 5 (+40°C, 40% R.H.)

Heavy duty cabinets This appliance is intended for use in ambient temperatures up to 40 °C

Refrigerant/GWP R404A/3922

Refrigerant charge, kg 0,3

LwA dB(A) 53

Cooling system ventilated refrigeration system

Defrosting automatic

Evaporation of condense drain automatic

Refrigeration power at -10°C W 449

Frequency/voltage 230V 1N~ / 60Hz

Electric power, Kw 0,38


Made in Italy.